About Us

The RBANM’s Trust is a 150 year old Institution founded in 1873, focused on serving low income, first generation learners and marginalized communities in urban Bangalore. It is located in the Ulsoor area of Bangalore.

The importance of providing facilities for educating boys and girls, training youth and alleviating distress of the poor and socially backward were keys to his vision.

The prevailing situation at that time did not provide for schools imparting knowledge in either English or the mother tongue of students. There were no technical institutions,schools for the backward, girls or orphans, nor hostels in Bengaluru.

Deeply affected by these dismal conditions,Sir Narrainsawmy Mudaliar embarked on his noble mission of social up-liftment, providing education and welfare for people of all strata of society irrespective of caste or creed. He established the educational charities and institutes for the growth and development of the people of Bangalore.

The Board of trustees and management continue to believe and look upto the vision of the founder. Our motto and vision for all our institutions is to provide quality education at an affordable cost.